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Timeless classics; tailor made to deliver the perfect fit. 

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Welcome to DCLA.  We specialize in tailor made suits, tuxedos, jackets, slacks, dress shirts, formal wear, outerwear, neckwear and sportswear. 

For over 20 years we have specialized in Made to Measure. Our goal is to provide you with a superior wardrobe to compliment today's modern lifestyle. Schedule an appointment at our new Los Angeles showroom or we'll come directly to your home or office. View our selection of luxury wool, cashmere, and silk fabrics from world renowned mills. Then, design everything from lapel style, to interior lining, to thread color. Starting with the slope of your shoulder, down to the break of your trousers, we take 32 measurements to construct all custom suits.

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Deepak has made many garments for me and all have been of outstanding fashion and quality. He has always been punctual in his appointments, stands behind his garments, and has great people skills. I have known Deepak for the past 10 years as a courteous, reliable, ethical, competent purveyor of fine custom clothing such as suits, trousers, shirts, sports jackets, neckwear and the like.
— Richard A Clark, Partner, Parker Milliken Attorneys at Law
Custom suits and shirts...of extraordinary breadth and quality...I am delighted to recommend Deepak...
— Greg Nitzkowski, Managing Partner, Paul Hastings
Throughout my dealings with Deepak he has always been extremely professional. dedicated to his work, and completely reliable in anything he has offered or said he would do.
— Kelley K. Beck, Managing Partner, Lindahl Beck LLP  
Deepak has made my suits for over 30 years. His serviceis extraordinary. His suits look and feel great and the fit is perfect. I get complimented on my DCLA suits all of the time
— Bruce Freidman