What Does Your Suit Say About You?

In the pilot episode of the 1997 series The Practice, Dylan McDermott’s character Bobby says, “we always close in blue.” He was referencing his closing arguments while defending his client for a crime she didn’t commit. Why did he choose the color blue? Blue inspires peace, dependability, trust, calm, and is usually worn when trying to convey trust and credibility. In this case, Bobby wanted the jury to trust him and employed his blue attire to emphasize that fact.

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The color and style, along with the quality of your suit, impacts how you’re perceived by the people around you. Suits can be your biggest allies in life if worn with little prudence. There are a few small things that should be kept in mind while choosing a suit.

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Following are few basic tips to be kept in mind always while choosing a suit that sends the messages you want to be sent:


  1. Check the fitting. Ready-to-wear suits are cheap, but they will not fit as perfectly as a suit made specifically for you. A bespoke suit will cater to your body-specific needs. Your personal attention to detail will be noted by how well-customized your suit is to your body.


  1. Bespoke suits are made of wool unlike a ready-to-wear suit, which is made of polyester. The use of wool makes a suit durable and the Bespoke suit will be unique to you. So when you wear a bespoke suit, you are an individual in a crowd of hundreds.


  1. The color of the suit makes a lot of difference. The color blue inspires trust. Similarly, black gives a sense of security. Grey is the color of wisdom and efficiency. Black and grey are usually preferred by bankers, attorneys, and salesmen. Earthy tones, such as beige, brown and green, show stability and dependability. They are donned when someone wants to build a rapport or meet an unhappy client.

4.             Pay attention to tie color. In the State of the Union 2015 speech, President Barack Obama wore a blue tie with a black suit. At first glance we might say he chose blue because this was his color of preference. In his speech, he assured Americans about the path to economic recovery. He wanted people to trust his words. Why would he wear a black suit instead of blue? He wants Americans to feel safe and secure. This is a small example of how color can be utilized to make an impact. Red ties will convey power and assertiveness. Orange and yellow showcases your energy and creative spirit. Green and purple make you look dependable, calm and in control.