Wearing the Blue Suit? Here’s How to Make the Move Right


Blue Bespoke Suit

Pick up any 2016 suit lookbook, and you’d instantly realize why they say blue is timeless. Blue suits have always been highly popular in the realm of men’s clothing. In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that a blue bespoke crafted from a high-quality worsted wool, such as Loro Piana, is the killer most sartorial weapon any man can have in his wardrobe. However, with a wide spectrum of choices – ranging from bright Napoli blues to darker midnight blues – how to don the color becomes a question to which many people don’t get the answer easily. To help, we have created this brief guide focusing on four key elements that can make or break the look.

1. Lapels

Although wearing the blue sharkskin in itself is a level up in elegance, there’s always more when it comes to tuning the attire to complement your personality. One of the ways is embracing wide lapels that make you look more masculine. To match the extra width of the collars, wear a tie with a reasonably thick knot, and by “reasonably thick”, we do not mean “fat”. As far as the collar on the dress shirt is concerned, keep it broad if you have a long neck, as it would blend well with the size and width of the lapels.

2. Shirt

Almost all colored shirts look good under a blue suit; however, there’s something unique about a white shirt that undeniably makes it the first choice for most men. If, however, you think a white shirt is too common a sartorial option, a lighter shade of pink or blue will also work. These shirts, just like a white shirt, allow your suits’ color to pop by creating a little contrast. If you go for a suit that is shorter in the legs and body, a polo shirt with sneakers can provide cool Summer look.

3. Tie

Blue suit wearers have infinite options, when it comes to matching a tie with it. From black and navy to red, greens and burgundy, almost every option can go well with a blue suit. If you don’t believe us, pick up any of the Loro Piana suit lookbooks and check the tie options with a blue suit. As a tip, we would recommend trying some patterns, instead of plain ties. A square knit or seersucker necktie, for instance, can make you look sharper and add punch to your blue suit.

4. Shoes

Both black and brown shoes are acceptable with a blue suit. Although there is no dearth of synthetic options, leather shoes are your best bet when it comes to complimenting the look of this clothing, especially if your suit is made of a high-quality fabric such as Loro Piana. If you wish to add some more depth to the overall look, you can go for leather scotch grain or pebbled leather shoes. Lace ups or loafers also work fine.

You’re Almost There

This was about how to correctly embrace your blue suit. When it comes to crafting this versatile clothing, there are still two more steps you can take to ensure you get the best of your blue. The first is to choose a high-quality worsted yarn such as Loro Piana, which makes your suit an all-season attire. The second is to select an experienced tailor who knows the art and has the experience to create a true bespoke suit that matches your body to perfection. byDCLA can help you with both these prerequisites and ensure that your bespoke investment is worth every cent. Give us a call at (844) 707-8084, and we’ll take it from there.