The New Power Suit

Businessman in suit

Celebrities in Power Suits

You may call it “Eclectic Styling.”

Can you remember a few men who wore some of those off-beat yet fascinating custom-tailored suits with sharp fitting and unique color combinations in recent times?

Well, photographs of celebrities in suits keep coming up in fashion magazines and websites. Some of them really stand out as their suits, dress shirts and overall personality blend effortlessly.

These men grab attention naturally without any of the histrionics that we usually observe among the Hollywood celebs. The reason being, their designer suits shine and make their presence known.

In June of 2014, the website ‘Mommy Noire’ posted pictures of several celebrity men in custom-tailored suits.

Some of them who looked striking are:

Nick Cannon – He was all purple including the shoes! The combination looked great with a white dress shirt and a dark purple tie.

Trey Songz – He wore a glossy brown suit with white shirt and a light-colored tie. It was a treat to the eye!

Scott Disick – Scott seemed to have been inspired by the ‘Hulk’. His green striped suit, darkish green tie and blue trouser made him look….well, sassy.

Will Smith – It was an ‘all red’ affair for this Hollywood heartthrob. He showed up at a movie premiere in a red suit and trouser combination. The contrasting colors of white shirt, black tie and black shoes made him a head turner.

Omar Epps – By donning a lovely dark gray suit with a patterned red shirt and red tie, he looked flawless.

These men showed how orthodox fashion can be mixed with off-beat colors to get a look to die for. But above all, the most striking aspect of these suits was their impeccable fitting.

Speaking Your Mind with Bespoke

The dazzling custom suits those celebrities wore might have taken several days and many hours to stitch based on different measurements. They could also have taken various trials before giving the finishing touch.

When we talk about custom-tailored outfits, bespoke suits lead the pack. Making these suits is an intricate and time-sensitive process. The result? They look simply outstanding compared to the off-the-rack suits.

Some of the premium quality men’s tailored suits are created from the best fabric of the world. For example, a leading custom tailoring house like byDCLA

( offers a myriad of options to people who wish to deviate from the clutter of run-of-the-mill suits. The master tailors of this store work on suits by using their world-class craftsmanship to transform the clothing into a wonderful fashion delight.

Long, oversized suit jackets that fit loose in the shoulders and arms are a thing of the past. Custom tailored suits are created by considering the diagonal body measurements to fit perfectly and in the right proportion.

Customize the Way You Want

The era of shoddy suits is long gone. Now, style-conscious men want their suits to be made based on specific preferences in terms of design, fabric, style and colors. As mentioned earlier, these suits are also created as per the customers’ body shape. For example, a person with an athletic body can look attractive in colored linings, bold fabrics and slim-fitting suits.

Overall these suits are seamless combinations of high-end tailoring by using both conventional tailoring methods and advanced technology. Hence, the outfits encompass everything – sharpness, elegance, subtlety and uniqueness.

Hence, for your very own custom styling, visit to find the best-in-class custom tailoring to create your fabulous power suit!