The Modern Double Breasted Suit: A Close Look

Modern Double Breasted Suit

Whether we think of David Oyelowo, Eddie Redmayne, or Tom Hiddleston, we can always recall each of these celebrities sporting a double-breasted or DB suit. Interestingly, the occasions they have lighted with their powerful suits have ranged from fashion weeks to summer film festivals. About, why do they go for DB, when there are other varieties such as the single-breasted and the tuxedo? The answer is, DB suit lends them an extra ounce of elegance, while preserving their masculinity and classy looks. These suits are a sartorial weapon men can use to make an imposing style statement. On that note, let’s take a closer look at the modern DB suit and why most men consider it a must-have apparel in their wardrobe.

The Modern DB Fitting

Unlike the traditional DB, its current version no more has either of the extra wide lapels or a loose drape. It replaces the boxy silhouette with a trim silhouette, making it gracefully contour to the body, and occupy less space in your wardrobe. The modern DB doesn’t have any extra bulks on the shoulder but welcomes higher armholes and trimmer sleeves. The older DB pants had pleats and cuffs, which naturally resulted in the crafting of heavy suits to match them. As the modern DB is slimmer and trimmer, however, its pants sans cuffs and pleats are not an uncommon sight.

Key Elements and Benefits

  •  Trimmer sleeves, higher armholes - Dress clean and sharper
  •  Wide peak lapels - Give the illusion of a taller look and wider chest
  •  Slender fit - Procure a modern silhouette
  •  Short length - Get an elongated look

Learning the Button Rules

The modern DB suit has two buttoning styles:

6*2 Buttoning

The 6*2 button styling has six buttons, but only two of them are meant for fastening. It is the most common button fittings found in DB suits and we recommend the same if you are ordering your first DB. Wearing the DB with this button requires fastening the middle button. The bottom button is left undone.

4*2 Buttoning

The 4*2 button is again a prominent DB button configuration that many people use. Similar to the 6*2 button styling, you can fasten only two buttons at a time. The rule is to fasten the inside or the anchor button, along with the top button of the suit.

Note: Fasten the anchor button all the time, whether sitting or standing.

A Word of Advice

While the above elements give you a closer perspective of the modern DB and its styling, an experienced custom suit tailor in Los Angeles would be able to present a comprehensive breakdown of all its elements, especially how it differs from the traditional DB. In addition, a professional custom suit tailor can help craft a DB suit that hides any nuances of the body and perfectly matches its wearer. Should you wish to learn more about the modern DB or how we can help you get this outstanding clothing in your wardrobe, contact us today.