The Evolution of the Linen Suit

Made-to-measure custom suits have revolutionized the apparel industry. At byDCLA, for every bespoke suit, we begin by taking as many as 36 measurements to ensure an extraordinary fit. Our custom measurement process means that you get a sharp fitting suit every time.

Linen White Suit

Like all garments, suits have evolved over the years. Especially the fabric choices deemed popular or appropriate have changed with the times. This holds true for the linen suit in particular. A brief glance at modern history shows the suit’s developmental stages:

  • Linen was the most common suit fabric for men’s suits in the 19th century. The fabric’s availability and flexibility made it the popular choice for men and suit makers.
  • Until WWI, white was the preferred suit color of upper class men. Wearing a white linen suit was a status symbol for wealth and accomplishment. Blue collar men, on the other hand, used the less expensive, more durable darker colors (thus the name “blue collar”).
  • During the 1930s, double-breasted jackets with four buttons and patch pockets were popular. These suit jackets were easy to open and clothes and made by modern manufacturers who advertised to the new professional class men of the modern. Linen took a back seat to other fabrics during this time.
  • In the 1960s, linen suits returned to mainstream usage for spring and summer. The fabric is viewed as cool, casual, yet sophisticated.

Today, linen is still a popular fabric choice for the modern man’s spring and summer wardrobe. The irregular yarn of the fabric gives it a signature casual look that breathe easy in warmer weather contexts. Combine this signature fabric with our tailored measurements and custom stitching and you’ll have the perfect, one of a kind suit for your spring and summer wardrobe.