The Characteristics of a Well Made Suit

Making a perfect suit is an art and the whole activity must be performed dexterously and cautiously.

The art of tailoring suits has evolved over the years and today, most manufacturers use advanced knitting machines in order to meet the increased demands. However, there are some fine details that cannot be incorporated into a machine made suit. These details distinguish a perfectly knitted suit from an ordinary one.

bydcla Loro Piana Men Suits

Therefore, you should always look for the details mentioned below while shopping for Loro Piana men’s suits:

  • First, check the buttonholes. Make a point to touch and feel the gaps. Carefully knitted buttonholes or Milanese buttonholes as they are popularly known, are sharp and sleek as compared to the hastily knitted ones. These buttonholes will lend a clean and stylish look to your overall persona when you don the suit.
  • The lapel roll should be smooth and sharp. This will go a long way in ensuring that the related dimensions and shapes of the garment are perfect.
  • Next, take a look at the collar. This is the most important part of any jacket as it provides balance to the garment. Flip the lapels in order to ensure that the base has been hand stitched -it’s a sign that the jacket is of high quality. Also, ensure that the fold-back of the glen paid fabric has been provided. This is usually included to provide room for alteration if one deems it necessary at a later stage.
  • Ensure that the suit has genuine horn buttons and  don’t forget to check if the front buttons are sewn with a thread shank. This is done to provide space to the fabric to fit in between the button and the garment.
  • See that an extra amount of fabric is used. An ideal jacket has adequate seam allowance. This will accommodate alterations and goes a long way in ensuring that the suit remains functional even if you gain a few extra pounds.

Evaluating the suit of your choice based on the above parameters will help you make the best choice. Keeping these points in mind while shopping for a suit will help you in zeroing-in on the apparel that matches your personality and body type.