Here’s what people are saying about us…

“When I lived in Rome…I purchased clothing from…Zegna, Brioni…I am pleased to say I have never had finer garments than those I have purchased through DCLA…”

Ambassador Ronald P. Spogli, Co-Founder. Freeman Spogli

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“The DCLA team always impresses. I couldn’t be more pleased with the breadth and quality of their fabrics, their infallible sense of taste and style, and their devotion to customer service….”

Gregory Nitzkowski, Managing Partner, Paul Hastings

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“Deepak has provided me with almost every business suit…majority of my shirts…quality of the apparel and level of service simply cannot be matched by anyone else. To top it off, Deepak’s charm and humility make it a pleasure to deal with…”

Kelly K. Beck, Managing Partner, Lindahl Beck


“The selection of fabrics and style is the best in the industry because Mr. Chhatwal is the best…the fit is perfect…the finish shows…attention to detail…approachable, flexible, creative, and always has the customers best interest in mind”

Dana Roberts. President, C.W. Driver

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“They say God’s in the Details. It’s the finishing touches that make my new sports coats an absolute cut above… but with a tailor’s inquisitiveness about lifestyle, work environment and function… Result was luxurious, elegant, tailored…”

Ric Villareal, ex-President, Oakwood Worldwide

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“…Just thought you should know, I have received over a dozen admiring comments on my new blue suit today! Thanks for making me look good :):…”

John Frederich, Ameriprise

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“…thank you for the marvelous clothes. I have received more compliments on my new suits, ties and shirts than I have ever gotten on any clothes before—from colleagues to opposing counsel to my kids. You hit a walk off here…”

Kirk K. Dillman, Principal, McKool Smith

“…Well, you were right. I’ve worn all five suits and received compliments on each one of them. But to tell you the truth, I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that my suits are more popular than I am…”

Mike Young, Mediation, Arbitration, Judicate West

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“The suits are amazing, Deepak. You knocked it out of the park.”

 Jason N. Argos, Esq. Law Offices of Sean M. Burke, APC