Suit-up to Step Out in Style: 4 Focus Areas to Get It Right

Custom Made Suits in Los Angeles

Custom made suits have long been an essential part of the male wardrobe. Donning a custom fit suit ups the style quotient of the wearer, by making their shoulders look broader and waist trimmer, thereby giving them a dapper look. If you too love to suit-up in a custom fit suit for men, remember that intricate designing and contemporary styling is the key to rock a clean and stylish look. The blog post throws more light on the subject, by talking about some rules you should follow while ordering a custom made suit. Let’s take a look.

1. Shoulders

“Looks shabby” is the first thought that crosses your mind, when you spot a guy wearing a loosely hung jacket, with the seams sagging way beyond the body line. You definitely don’t want to be that person, and therefore, must ensure that the shoulders are neither too tight nor too loose. Remember, the shoulders and the waistline define your look and reworking on them can ruin the suit. You won’t want a suit that does not compliment your body type, so be very careful while passing instructions to your tailor on how they should design the shoulders.

2. Sleeves

Have you ever worn a suit with overlong sleeves to a party or a social gathering? If yes, then you’d know why we’re taking up this point. Sleeves that extend beyond your wrist make it seem you’re donning an oversized apparel. For a clean look, ensure that the jacket sleeve ends at least a quarter inch before the shirt’s sleeves. Even if you falter on this front, you can ask your tailor to trim from the cuff up, and then move them, in case the cuff buttons aren’t functional. In such cases, your tailor can take the sleeves up from the shoulders to provide you with an alternative solution.

3. Collar Gap

Ever wondered why your boss or your love interest keeps on passing you by without taking any note even when you turn-up wearing the best suit from your wardrobe? Well, it can be something that is not easily visible to you – like an improperly fitted lapels of your suit jacket that leaves a gap between their brim and the shirt’s collar. So, the next time you visit your tailor to order a custom fit suit for men, make sure your tailor measures your neck’s circumference accurately, to maintain the proper gap between the collar of the shirt and the jacket’s lapels.

4. Jacket’s Waist

When it comes to dressing, for most people, comfort is the key factor. Be it a casual outfit such as a pair of jeans or a formal and sophisticated clothing such as a custom made suit, comfort should never take a backseat. Make sure that the waist of your suit’s jacket provides enough breathing room, but at the same time, it must not slack. To get the perfect fit, ask your tailor to leave a proper gap between the jacket and the shirt – of course you don’t want to keep adjusting your suit continuously and gather any unwanted attention.

Last Few Words

So these were some of tips you can use while ordering your custom made suits. You will, however, benefit from these tips only if you team-up with an experienced tailor who can also advise you on suitable styling options according to your body type and personality. If you’re in Los Angeles; we, at byDCLA, are the people you’re looking for. We’re a reputable designer of custom made suits in Los Angeles, with proven competence in crafting premium men’s bespoke suits. Call us today to rev up your style quotient. We bet you’ll get addicted to the admiration and adulation that you get when you step out donning one of our masterpieces.