Style Guide for men: Matching Suits and Ties

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” Oscar Wilde nailed it with the statement. The question is, are you justifying the beauty of this ensemble? Whether you want a business attire for men to get the professional look or choose a causal one for the evening tea party, styling for men isn’t limited to just wearing a well-tailored bespoke. The small knot around your neck — the tie — has the power to influence your look beyond you can even imagine. Your suit-tie combination reveals a lot about your priorities and aspirations. It is therefore necessary that you master some basic steps to play around fabrics , patterns and colors to suit every occasion. Through this article, we present a few basic rules to match suits and ties and their combinations. Once you master them, creating your own style becomes easy. Let’s begin.

Business Attire for Men

Basic Rules to Match Your Suit and Tie

Even if you have a perfect match for suit and tie, an uncoordinated shirt will become a spoilsport. So keep in mind the following rules:

  • Brown colored ties match light tan shirts.
  • Burgundy or navy colored ties match light pink shirts.
  • Navy, red, burgundy, or yellow colored ties, all, match blue shirts.
  • When wearing a tie with striped shirts, check the base color of the shirt, and apply the above rules.

The ‘Classic Power Suit and Tie’ Look

Wear a bold-colored tie with a dark, slightly printed or solid suit and get ready to rock a job interview or business trip to that life-changing meeting with this powerful combination. Though you may pull on any tie with a dark suit and white shirt, save a bright yellow polka dot one, a cut deep-red tie renders the most powerful look to your personality.

The ‘Summer Suit and Tie’ Look

Changing weathers demand a change in the fabric of your suits as well. Of course, you wouldn’t want to wear that same winter suit when the temperature is up a 50 more fahrenheits. So, make the move by investing in a solid, light colored cotton suit, and embrace a bright patterned tie with it, no matter the color is good only for summers.

The ‘Formal Suit and Tie’ Look

Though a black suit with a black tie is an easy, smart and quick way to get an unbeatable look, sometimes it could look like you’ve sacrificed a few flavors in the desire to become too formal. What to do? Get a black bow with some artsy lace. Don’t worry, there are hundreds of other choices available and getting your perfect piece won’t be too difficult.

The ‘Casual Suit and Tie’ Look

When going casual on weekends, yet maintaining the look with a suit, imagine colors lighter than what you wear on weekdays from 9 to 5. Don a suit with a lighter hue than your power suit, and a tie with a lighter tone than your favorite power tie. An ideal example here is to throw on a navy blue bespoke with a tie in wild patterns and colors.

Things to Remember

  • When unable to decide the color of the shirt to wear with a tie, choose white. White shirts blend with almost every pattern and tie color.
  • An uncoordinated shirt spoils the match of a suit and a tie.


The right suit and tie combination is the way to project your personality, and deliver your unique fashion statement, so no matter your business attire or that ensemble for your ring ceremony. Learning the rules helps you stay confident, as you know you are on the right track. Let not these rules, however, become a fetter. Loosen a bit when you’ve mastered the basics, and come with your own styles, for that justifies the word ‘fashion’.