Professional Business Attire for Men: 3 Must-have Suit Styles

Every modern-day professional needs to be conscious about style quotient, as it always influences their professional image, which explains why it is worth looking for professional business attire for men. Untouched by seasonal trends, classic suits still serve as modern-day essentials and are perfect for every professional. Timeless, sophisticated, refined, classic suits are available in a wide variety, and therefore, many find it a challenge to make their picks. To help, in this post we discuss three must-have suit options in every professional’s wardrobe. Let’s delve deeper and learn a little more about the varied styles of classic suits and their suitability according to your body type.

Professional Business Attire for Men

British Suits: The Savile Row Style

Traditional British suits are immortalized by their iconic Savile Row style. These suits typically have two buttons, two vents, a pointed waist, and neat shoulder pads. The button is usually stitched near the waist, and this gives a sleek look to the jacket. The armholes are also higher than those in American style suits. The padded shoulders of these suits display a better shape as compared to their American alternatives. Trousers of British suits have a generous cut with a high waist and two or three pleats. They are much leaner in shape than American cut trousers. British Suits lend more contour to your body than other types of classic suits. Most men prefer this traditional styling considering their perfect fit. Perfect for men with medium built, British suits have influenced most modern business suit styles prominent in today’s fashion landscape.

American Suits: The Sack Style

American suits are no-nonsense professional business attire for men. Popularly known as “sack suits”, American suits are distinguished by a single vent in the back, straight lines, higher armhole, flap pockets, and natural unpadded shoulders. The jacket is usually single breasted with two or more buttons. Trousers are cut full and pleat-less. Modern American suits are cut close according to the shape of men’s body and also come with shoulder padding. The smaller padding and straighter cut makes the sack suit ideal for most men, as it creates a uniform body line. Loose cut is one of the key features of American suits. You may even go for a bespoke American style suit, if budget is not a constraint.

Italian Suits: The European Style

Modern Italian style suits are in vogue, for quite some time now. These European style suits are slim with a smooth, stylish, and ultra-modern silhouette. Complete with two vents, padded shoulders, lapel notches, and high placed buttons, the jackets of Italian suits are short in length and lean in fitting. Flapless pockets and V-shaped jackets make for an ideal professional business attire for men. Trousers of Italian suits are also lean-fit, which partially explains why Italian suits are the preferred choice among tall men. However, these suits are ideal for all body types.


Classic suits are truly perennial yet trendy, and the best part is that they never go out of fashion. If, therefore, you feel like giving an extra edge to your professional attire to enhance your style quotient, feel free to call our fashion consultants or fill out our simple “Contact Us” form. They would ensure that you don an elegant and perfect-fit suit that would meet your expectations on quality, value, and fit. Once you choose ByDCLA, rest assured you will never have to look for another men’s suit specialist, ever again.