Packing Tips for Travel

Why was there so much fuss about President Barack Obama’s tan suit?

Did the suit have any basic fitting or styling issue? Or, did people just not like it because the President deviated from his usual black suit?

The apparent reason for such an uproar was the timing and occasion when he wore it. Critics said that he had to discuss critical issues related to foreign policy with the media. On such a serious occasion, maybe he should have donned a more conventional suit to match the mood.

There has been a barrage of posts in social media mocking the President’s sartorial preference. We are not going to brew another storm in the teacup around this topic. Here, the intent is to talk about the summer suit that President Obama wore. Despite all the protests and sarcasm, we have to admit that it was a wonderful suit in which he dazzled. It is a kind of suit you would love to carry along when going for a summer business trip.

Barack Obama Suits

  1. Need of Summer Suits When Traveling

Even if you just consider the hot weather in Washington, the President did the right thing by donning the tan suit. Such outfits in light colors have specifically been devised for heated months.

Now, if you are about to travel to another place which has more humid weather, will your traditional navy or black suit do? It won’t be seasonally appropriate.

Not just in terms of weather condition, from the perspective of the right fabric and fashion suitability as well; designer summer suits can give you an eye-soothing look in the scorching summer.

Summer suits provide the breathability factor. Due to loose weaving, you can feel a breeze passing through your suit. It lets your body breath and produces less sweat. These suits are made with open-weave fabric and are available in light colors.

  1. Tips to Pack Your Suit Before You Take Off

When you are heading out for a business trip during the summer, suit packing has to be done perfectly.

Your packing should serve two purposes. First, utilizing all the space in your suitcase, and secondly, folding the suits perfectly to avoid any creases and wrinkles. It is only possible if the fabric used in your suit is of very high quality, which limits the possibility of having wrinkles.

Following tips can help you fold your suit jacket properly:

  1. Hold the shoulders of your suit jacket facing you

  2. Fold the jacket by bringing the two jacket shoulders together

  3. Fold one of the jacket shoulders inside out over the other

  4. Fold the jacket in half, downwards to the end of the jacket

  5. Put the folded pants within the jacket fold. This will create a kind of protective cover for the suit and will keep the pants from having creases.

After folding the suit and pants the ways mentioned above, you will have enough space to accommodate your dress shirts, ties, socks and toiletries.

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