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byDCLA Exceptional Fitting Clothing for Men byDCLA Exceptional Fitting Clothing for Men

Our mission is to provide you with clothing of exceptional fit, quality, and design such that we inspire feelings and thoughts of aspiration, achievement, and sustained confidence.

At byDCLA,"We champion the pursuit of timeless elegance". We define perfection by how the byDCLA garment makes you feel once you try it on. Does it contour to your body, comfortably, like an extension of your skin? Does the suit move with you when you move? Do you feel fabulous in your byDCLA suit at the end of a busy day as you did when you started your day? Does it make you feel perfect?

If the answer to all the above questions is a resounding yes, we have then accomplished our mission.

Our whole reason for being is to provide you the best fitting garment you’ve ever owned, one that is perfectly coordinated with your crisp perfectly tailored shirt and your necktie made with silks, whether you are proffering closing arguments in a high powered trial or working on closing a M&A deal worth a billion dollars or just getting started as an analyst on wall street or even just graduating from Harvard.

Our Clients

We build & foster trust like no one else. Once our clients do business with us they never go anywhere else. We treat our clients as we like to be treated and they reward us by their unswerving loyalty. Once you are hooked you are hooked - We guarantee it!!!

Our Partners

We work very closely with all our partners with the single minded focus of ensuring our clients have a singularly positive experience unlike any before.

Our Clothes

Are the envy of the world.

Our Focus

To be the best ever: Quality, Value, and Fit.
Textile millTextile mill

About byDCLA

As I put together this company I traveled far and wide searching the archives of cloth weavers, suit makers and shirt makers to find the very best! It was an amazing year and a half. I went to Houston, Philadelphia, and New York. I went to Hong Kong and Shanghai. I also went to design central - Milan, the hills of Biella, and the lakeside mills around Como, all in search of excellence.


From the bales of wool in raw form, to the magic they perform at mills like Vitale Barberis Conico – where using the most sophisticated looms, precious fibers of fine wool, silk, and cashmere are woven into the most exquisite, buttery soft, and light weight woolen cloths – I've seen it all. I have also walked the long production lines of various suit makers – from where each suit is painstakingly and individually cut to the end where the result is nothing less than pure art—all to bring the highest quality of workmanship and the best value to the end consumer—you.

The best garment that you've ever worn maximizes the fabric and the fit, accounting for every nuance of your body, offering comfort - and providing you with an elegant, attractive, and flattering silhouette, like one you've never experienced before.

"...I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Deepak and his organization...Deepak has made many garments...all...of outstanding fashion and quality..."

Richard A. Clark, Chair – Litigation, Parker Milliken

For Fabric, we use only the finest fabrics from the finest mills in the world. From Loro Piana, "one family's devotion to the high standards of craftsmanship," in Quarona, Italy to another landmark Italian craftsman of fine fabrications, Ermenegildo Zegna wool mill in Biella, located at the foothills of the Italian Alps; to Dormeuil, "the perfect blend of quality and creativity", using the finest English worsted, woven in Huddersfield and Leeds to the iconic Savile Row based Holland & Sherry who for 176 years have been the purveyors of some of the finest cloths in the world, and "offer a timeless, classic selection of fabrics for the discerning individual" to the Scabal owned Bower Roebuck mill in West Yorkshire "where the skills, precision and refinement of the weavers is unparalleled!" These are BUT a few of our favorite fabrics that we so painstakingly source for your wearing pleasure.

"Custom suits and shirts...of extraordinary breadth and quality...I am delighted to recommend Deepak..." Greg Nitzkowski, Managing Partner, Paul Hastings

For Fit, we take 36 different measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Our master tailors cut each garment individually to ensure integrity and precision. We use innovative processes in traditional manufacturing to offer you a drape that is uniquely and distinctively YOU and yours! For example, we have over 32 pressing operations in the lapel alone that build in memory such that the roll of the lapel does not lose its veracity. We give functional button holes on the sleeves of every jacket or sports coat as well as "edge stitching" on the lapels for a refined look. There are innovative features in the design, style, construction, and manufacture of each and every article of clothing we purvey. If there is something special you desire just let us know. Your satisfaction is our primary goal.

Please allow me to reassure you that after over 20 years of living and breathing the tailored clothing business, I am intimately aware of all the subtleties and fine nuances. And that's why we at byDCLA bring to you: unparalleled sartorial splendor and elegance with you knowing that you will be well taken care of.

— Deepak Chhatwal, CEO, byDCLA