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byDCLA - Man Fastening Suit Buttons
Man fastening suit buttons


Meet a byDCLA Stylist

Use the form to the right to schedule a visit with a stylist. Our stylist, an expert in tailored clothing, will help you decide on fabric, style of suit, and related accessories.


Personalize Your Suit

Our stylist will measure you completely to ensure an exceptional fit. You may choose to further personalize with your choice of style elements, lining, or contrasting colored buttonholes, as an example. Consult your stylist for additional options.


Final Fitting with 100% Guarantee

We will deliver the most spectacular garment to you in 4 to 6 weeks—with a 100% money back guarantee. The same guarantee applies to all our tailored clothing. Prefer ready-to-wear? Just send us your size, height, and weight; we’ll do the rest. Schedule that visit today.

Existing clients: Like something on the site? Email us and in 3 weeks you’ll have your new garment.

“The suit is MAGNIFICENT!!!…looks fabulous on him… as always you have impeccable taste! Thank you…”

Roxanne (and Bill) Rummler

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