ByDCLA - Made to Measure ByDCLA - Made to Measure

Made-to-Measure considers the true measure of a man. The men we serve are self-directed and self-aware. They know who they are, but may not know exactly how to translate that into the wardrobe choices that best convey their desired image. That’s where we come in. We are experts at taking the “measure of a man” and making clothing that clearly communicates the essence and stature of the man.

ByDCLA - made to measue suits ByDCLA - made to measue suits


When something "fits", the feeling is sublime. Whether it's a garment, a pair of shoes, or a relationship, if it fits, you want it in every flavor and you want to take it home today. We take 36 different measurements to ensure a fit unlike anything you have ever experienced before. We use innovative processes in traditional manufacturing to offer you a drape; a silhouette that is uniquely and distinctively you and yours! For example we have 32 pressing operations in the lapel alone that build in memory such that the roll of the lapel does not lose its veracity. Our signature look, if you so desire, entails the last buttonhole on the coat sleeve having a contrasted color thread.

ByDCLA - Attitude Clothing ByDCLA - Attitude Clothing


Your attitude is how you carry yourself. Attitude is what separates the truly successful from the also-ran. Everything that we do is designed to make it easier for you to develop and maintain a winning attitude. We firmly subscribe to the old adage that it is your attitude that determines your altitude!

ByDCLA - Signature Clothing ByDCLA - Signature Clothing


Value is fundamentally based on expectations. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for." Our promise is always to deliver everything you paid for and then some. Whether you choose something more affordable or our top of the line, you will come away from the experience with a feeling of satisfaction and delight, knowing that you got everything you paid for, and a little extra...the one and only byDCLA fit.