Tailor Made

Our mission is to inspire thoughts and feelings of aspiration, achievement, and sustained confidence by providing you with clothing of exceptional fit, quality and design….



For Fit, we take 36 different measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Our master tailors cut each garment individually to ensure integrity and precision. We use innovative processes in traditional manufacturing to offer you a drape that is uniquely and distinctively YOU and yours! For example, we have over 32 pressing operations in the lapel alone that build in memory such that the roll of the lapel does not lose its veracity. We give functional buttonholes on the sleeves of every jacket or sports coat as well as "edge stitching" on the lapels for a refined look. There are innovative features in the design, style, construction, and manufacture of each and every article of clothing we purvey. If there is something special you desire just let us know. Your satisfaction is our primary goal. Please allow me to reassure you that after over 20 years of living and breathing the tailored clothing business, I am intimately aware of all the subtleties and fine nuances. And that's why we at DCLA bring to you: unparalleled sartorial splendor and elegance with you knowing that you will be well taken care of.



From classic to contemporary fits, for formal occasions or for your working wardrobe, there’s a style to suit all requirements. We like to define our style as “the very traditional boxy Brooks Bros to the highly contemporary Versace and Dolce & Gabana and everything in between. Typically, our clients like to wear what we call “contemporary classics – our clothing made with terribly fine fabrics and a lot of handwork is timeless and stays in style for the next 3-5 years. For the more fashion, adventurous we are able to provide highly fashion forward garments – we are after all fully custom made. 

Hi Deepak, Just thought you should know, I have received over a dozen admiring comments on my new blue suit today! Thanks for making me look good, I put it on this morning knowing I needed a shot of confidence today, and I got it. It paid for itself...Thanks again!
— John Frederich


Being that we are custom made we can do again anything from the traditional to the sublime. 1Button; 2B; 3B; $B; side-vents; center vents; no-vents. Fully lined jackets; 3⁄4 line; 1⁄2 lined; 1⁄4 lined – the last 2 are used for more casual contemporary, unconstructed jackets – very hip in linens and linen blends and cottons. We can do double breasted – 4B 1 to button OR 6B 2B. Peaked lapel widths vary between 2-4” currently with sweet spot being anywhere from 2.50” (at the very outside) to 3.50 (again at the very outside). We do classically notched lapels BUT to make a jacket more contemporary we may do a peaked lapel with a single-breasted jacket.  The lapel also has a hand – done button hole which in its original form was supposed to hold a boutonniere. We however have taken this to the next level and match the color of the thread used on the lapel buttonhole to the color of the thread used on the last button hole on the sleeve – thus FURTHER customizing the garment and thus the experience.