Functional Buttonholes

Also known as ‘Surgeon Cuffs’ or working cuffs, functional buttonholes are the sleeve buttons on high-end suits. Over the years, these buttonholes have become a ‘must-have’ for men who want a custom tailored look.

byDCLA- Functional Buttonholes

Basically, there are two types of buttonholes: hand-stitched and machine stitched. Hand-stitched buttonholes are stronger than machine stitched buttonholes. They last longer because they are made with individual care.  Hand stitched buttonholes can also be personalized in color or stitch to fit the man’s personal taste, season, or  style of the fabric.  These buttonholes are a sign that the suit is a unique, one of a kind, custom tailored suit. That’s why many men who have them choose to leave the last button intentionally undone. They want to showcase every level of detail on their custom suit.

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