Fashion Aficionados: Get these 5 Suits to Rock any Occasion

When your fashion life seems bland, think bespoke.

The reason we say this is because we know how proud you feel to own a bespoke suit, and the impact it leaves among its onlookers. Helping you achieve your professional best bespoke suits are no less than a clothing gadget that let you walk tall, and shower elegance and sophistication in an effortless manner. Naturally, the more of their colors and flavors your wardrobe has, the more compliments they help you receive by redefining your dressing sense. Today, we present five suits that are an all-time favorite for most fashion conscious men and help you rock any occasion with panache.

byDCLA-Bespoke Suits

The All-Season Navy Wool Suit

Acquiring this suit means having access to a fashion essential that is good to handle any occasion and weather. From rocking the summer evenings, to attending job interviews in the winter; go for a breathable wool and you are all set to go.  Navy is meant for men, and when you don a single-breasted navy bespoke, not many feline eyes can avoid looking at you.

The Double-Breasted Suit

The modern double-breasted bespoke no longer defines the boxy cuts. Its evolution has transformed it into a clothing that offers more on the trim, is less padded, and perfectly hugs your shoulders. The lapels are just wide enough to give your body an hourglass shape. If you love power dressing this is the suit for you. Now all you need is a professional tailor and the right accessories.  It says contemporary; “I pay attention to how i look?”

The Tuxedo

From your marriage ceremony to those glamorous dinner parties that often compel you to think about how to make a fine impression, a tux is your answer on many occasions throughout your life. Perhaps, you may agree with us on why they say it a solid investment. While a black tux is an all time favorite, we advise midnight blue if you are one of those who believe in delivering unique fashion statements.

The Grey Flannel Suit

Does it remind you of the 1956 movie The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit? Well, worry not, unlike Gregory Peck, you don’t have to choose between your business or family when donning this men’s essential. In fact, the contemporary gray flannels suits are much more refined, stylish, and rebellious. While a mid-gray color with a white shirt and a black knit gets you that nine-to-five look, a sweatshirt with this suit helps you cherish the weekends with much freedom.

The Spring-Summer Khaki Cotton Suit

This timeless aesthetic in a single-breasted style is your great friend, for good. A color that goes just right for the office, this crisp cotton suit is a marvelous choice to beat the warm weather without compromising a professional look. Match it with a short sleeve shirt, add some zing to your looks with a pair of white canvas sneakers, and there you are, ready to enjoy the weekends in style!

Note: To get that Italian look, avoid socks when wearing white sneakers with this suit.

Summing Up

Whether or not you have space in your closet, we are confident that your heart has ample space and desires for many more bespoke and made to measure suits. After all, a suit is the greatest investment to help you look your best, and define cool in a professional manner. It is owing to this very reason, that byDCLA only uses fabric selected from the finest mills in the world. Every tailored suit inside our tailoring company is crafted to perfection and has a unique flair customized to hug your body perfectly.