Dressing Up, this Spring: A Guide to ‘Suit Up’ the Right Way!

Spring is here, and it is time to add some cool quotient to your wardrobe – figuratively and literally. But the question, usually is, where to start?

custom spring suits


When it comes custom spring suits, it is always good to have a few inspirations to fuel the final product. So, to help you with your spring wardrobe, let’s take at look some.

The Way to Go: Custom Spring Suits

This spring, allow yourself the liberty to try something different. Demand more attention and make a lasting impression by embracing blue tones. Inspiration for men’s spring suits from movie stars such as Bradley Cooper can be helpful, in this regard. Known for his tranquil statement of sophistication, the ‘Hangover’ star has rightfully earned the lead in new styles and fashion sense, mostly attributable to numerous highly-coveted tailored spring suits.

Choose a shade of blue based on your skin tone and preferences. While a true blue shade goes well for a classic look, alternatives such as electric blue and indigo can be good options for a more vibrant appeal. All in all, a well-cut three-piece suit with sleek lines and rich colors should be a staple item in your spring wardrobe.

Doing it Right: Shirts and Accessories

In addition to blue toned suits, a crisp white shirt is another must-have in your spring wardrobe. A plain white shirt can be worn literally anywhere and at any occasion, ranging from an interview to a relaxing evening at a bar. Other accessories such as a tie are equally important to compliment the look; needless to elaborate the significance of a pair of quality cufflinks if you are going for that razor-sharp appeal.

A Few Last Words

If you are in Los Angeles and looking to order custom spring suits, make sure you compliment them with the right shirts and accessories. Follow the trends of the season with tailor-made suits that are ideal for any occasion, and make a lasting impression, wherever you go. Most importantly, never compromise on quality. Hope this brief post comes in handy in putting together your spring wardrobe.