Custom Made Suits: Choosing The Right Fabric Made Simple

There’s no point in shelling out your money on a custom-made suit if you’re not a completely satisfied with the final product. A custom-made suit needs to have a perfect blend of comfort, style, and fit. If there’s a common denomination that factors into all the attributes of a custom made suit, it’s the fabric. Some men find it difficult when it comes to choosing a suitable fabric for a suit. If you too find it difficult to choose a fabric for your suit, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right fabric for your custom-made suit.

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Cashmere, of course, is best known for being incredibly soft and super posh. It is also quite delicate, incredibly expensive, and therefore, it is certainly not something you can wear every day. You don’t want to see this incredibly expensive fabric ruined, on account of something as silly as overuse. Wear the expensive cashmere suit for a one odd party night when you want to let everyone know that you’re a man with a taste for the finer things in life. What is more appropriate and versatile is wearing a cashmere blended suit. The kind we carry by Charles Clayton Super 180’s + Cashmere, from Yorkshire, “the heart of the wool industry in England”. Here you get the best of both worlds – the luxuriousness of very fine cashmere blended with the exclusivity of a “super fine” Super 180’s fabric. This fabric while lovely will wear wonderfully.


Wool is another fabric that you can go to when your choices are unclear. It is the safest fabric when it comes to custom suits. With its natural nature, wool allows the skin to breathe and that’s why you can wear a wool suit, even if it is not particularly chilly outside, despite the warmth wool lends. However, if you live in a hot region or if it’s in the middle of summer; it is better to avoid woolen suits. Go for a wool suit when you want to blend into the crowd when the mercury is low.


Next in line in the series of popular fabrics, is cotton. Being a natural fabric, cotton lets your skin breathe easy. It won’t be wrong to say that cotton is the summer counterpart of wool. While you may wear cotton suits more often than cashmere, it may start to wear out sooner than you expected if you don’t get it stitched from a reliable Los Angeles custom suit maker. Cotton suits are perfect for casual summer outdoor gatherings.


We’ve paired these together because both Velvet and Silk are luxe fabrics. Both are a symbol of status and commonly used in fine European clothing. A silk or a velvet custom-made suit will definitely turn heads at any event without screaming for attention. Go for a silk or velvet suit whenever you want to leave a lasting impression while attending a special event.


Polyester is inexpensive compared to the other fabrics we have discussed. Custom-made polyester suits are preferred by men who need an affordable option and an opportunity to make their personal style inputs count. Go for a polyester suit for a casual occasion, especially if you’re a young adult.

Common Fabrics Blends for Suits

100% pure fabric is not the only option. Here are the 3 most common suit fabric blends that are equally stylish:

  • Cashmere and Wool
  • Cotton and Lycra
  • Silk and cotton/wool

Fabric may be the most important part of a suit, but it’s certainly not the only one. If you ever decide to pamper yourself with a custom-made suit, ensure that you select the right fabric and the right suit maker. If you wish to learn more about the fabric options for custom made suits, feel free to connect with one of our representatives.