Coolest Tailoring on Celluloid: 3 Great Movie Suits and the Men Behind Them

So, you like suits? Move a little back into the era of eighties and see what they looked like, but on celluloid. Worn by the greatest of actors, and crafted by the greatest of designers, we introduce you to thee great suits worn in famous hollywood movies and explore the men behind them, which together influenced the audience of that age, and continue to dwell in many hearts even today.

Slimmer Italian Cut Suit or the Armani Suit

Movie: American Gigolo

Actor: Richard Gere

Designer: Giorgio Armani

Slimmer Italian Cut Suit

Famous for its most memorable wardrobe scenes, where Richard Gere flicks through his huge range of blazers and shirts, American Gigolo showed that the eighties was no less stylish in terms of clothing. Giorgio Armani designed various outfits for Richard Gere, and his suit-designs in the movie are considered by many as the turning point in American tailoring. The movie heralded the influence of the slimmer Italian cut.

Loud Print Lining Jackets

Movie: Casino

Actor: Robert De Niro

Designer: Rita Ryack

Loud Print Lining Jackets

Get surprised to know that the costume budget for this movie was a hefty $1 million–all thanks to the 45 suits Robert De Niro donned in the movie. Designed to complement his flamboyant look in the movie, the suits were specifically tailored for him. According to Rita Ryack, the costume designer of the movie, “No one except Robert De Niro could have pulled off the audacious clothing of the movie without looking cartoonish”. Though not everyone would have the guts to wear all the stylings presented in the movie, Casino introduced a different flavor of suits in the history of cinematic style.

The Jazz Age Suits

Movie: The Great Gatsby (1974)

Actor: Robert Redford

Designer: Ralph Lauren

The Jazz Age Suits


American fashion designer and philanthropist, Ralph Lauren introduced pastels, contrast colors, flannels, and more white suits in this movie, with his designing talent. His clothing in the Great Gatsby exuded the fusion of twenties tailoring and contemporary seventies flair. Lauren weaved a fashion empire through his suiting and other clothing innovations in the movie to make Redford look as the cinema’s most stylish characters. Theoni V. Aldredge grabbed an Oscar for Best Costume Design.


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