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Wearing the Blue Suit? Here’s How to Make the Move Right

  Pick up any 2016 suit lookbook, and you’d instantly realize why they say blue is timeless. Blue suits have always been highly popular in the realm of men’s clothing. In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that a blue bespoke crafted from a high-quality worsted wool, such as Loro Piana, is the killer […]

The Modern Double Breasted Suit: A Close Look

Whether we think of David Oyelowo, Eddie Redmayne, or Tom Hiddleston, we can always recall each of these celebrities sporting a double-breasted or DB suit. Interestingly, the occasions they have lighted with their powerful suits have ranged from fashion weeks to summer film festivals. About, why do they go for DB, when there are other […]

5 Stylish Suits that Rocked the Oscars 2016

Every year the Oscars bring with it a unique aura of glam and glitter, with men in their favorite made to measure and bespoke suits. The 88th Annual Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, brought the same spirit, with legendary actors walking over the red carpet, but with a distinctive […]

4 Power Dressing Essentials for The Modern Working Man

Gone are the days when power dressing was limited to the corporate honchos attending international conferences, travelling business class, playing golf with their associates, or do anything that required them to dress sharp. These days, an increasing number of working class heroes are realizing how essential it is to dress well and look suave, if […]

A Definitive Guide to Dressing Like an Italian Man

When it comes to fashion, Italian men are considered to be the perfect sartorial measuring sticks. They not only know their fashion but are also acquainted with the ways to carry them to the best of their abilities. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Italian men are fond of fit, cut and the subtle […]

5 Distinctions Exclusive to Bespoke Shirts

Although bespoke shirts, whether you get them from Los Angeles or elsewhere, cost more than off-the-rack and made-to-measure shirts, they are a hallmark of quality and workmanship. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that almost every fashion enthusiast prefers custom shirts over typical market offerings. The question is: what makes a bespoke shirt better? Though […]

Suit-up to Step Out in Style: 4 Focus Areas to Get It Right

Custom made suits have long been an essential part of the male wardrobe. Donning a custom fit suit ups the style quotient of the wearer, by making their shoulders look broader and waist trimmer, thereby giving them a dapper look. If you too love to suit-up in a custom fit suit for men, remember that […]

Choosing a Suit Cut that Complements Your Persona

What makes a man look his best? This is an age-old question to which different people have different takes; while some people can’t get enough of bespoke men’s clothing, many settle for off-the-shelf options. Though we don’t intend to dwell on the human qualities that comprise a good male character, our focus in this brief […]

Thinking Bespoke Clothing? Know Your Body Type

Ask any man whether they know their body type and the best fashion options, and you will be amazed at some of the answers you’d get. Most men believe that all the hullabaloo about marrying your body type to your sense of fashion is feminine stuff. This archaic mentality negates the reality that everybody wants […]

7 Tips to Make Bespoke Suits Withstand the Test of Time

Although bespoke suits, unlike made-to-measure suits, are on the higher side in terms of cost, the flamboyant confidence they lend to their wearer is matchless. Investing in some quality bespoke suits is a smart choice, however, you also need to learn to take their proper care. The reason is simple – even if the suits […]