4 Reasons Why Bespoke Suits are Worth Your Money

Are you planning to buy a suit for special occasions this year, but wondering which type of suit to buy to get that perfect look? You are not alone! There are many others who keep trying different options such as off-the-rack, made-to-measure, and bespoke. If you too are looking for a suit that fits you perfectly and has exceptional quality and personalization, a bespoke suit from a reputable suit maker is just what the doctor prescribed.

Read on to learn four reasons why bespoke suits, despite their generous price tags, are the best bet for your money.


1. Perfect Fit

More than anything else, it’s the fit that matters the most. Bespoke suits are top-of-the-line garments when it comes to fitting. The tailoring involves taking accurate measurements to ensure that the suit perfectly fits according to your body type. Some reputed suit makers even take 36 different measurements to ensure precision. The tailors usually leave a small margin for any increase or decrease in weight you may experience later. On the contrary, ready-made suits are pre-cut, and there is no option of customization.

2. Wide Range of Fabric and Styles

Many stylish men prefer bespoke suits over readymade stuff because they can choose from a diverse range of fabric and styles. A majority of high-end fashion designers use a higher grade of fabrics to ensure great quality. You can also opt for even better grade fabrics such as “Super 100’s”, which have lower micron count. Some of the examples of these fabrics are Super 110s, 120s, 130s, and so on. Finer fabrics like these are used to make durable and elegant suits. Additionally, elegance and styling come naturally with bespoke suits compared to off-the-rack suits. Our online clothing store, for example, provides a stylebook, and our style consultants can help you choose the right fabric, design, and color.

3. Personalization

Personalization is one of the primary reasons why bespoke suits are high in demand. Modern men are style conscious, and therefore, like to have uniqueness in their suits. They can get that unique appeal through endless customization possibilities that bespoke suits offer. In fact, making bespoke suits involves a meticulous process where your posture and body shape are taken considered, and therefore, each notation is transferred to the bespoke pattern. You can let a style consultant know all your preferences. An added advantage that comes with tailored suits is that you even get to choose the buttons or the kind of collar you want. Off-the-rack suits would never give you such kind of freedom.

4. Unmatched Style Quotient

The ultimate suit is always a second skin”, says Simon Cundey, Managing Director, Henry Poole & Co. The elegance and charm that a bespoke suit brings to a man’s personality are unparalleled. The saying “Appearance rules the world” is apt for beautiful bespoke suits because they are the perfect blend of timeless classics and contemporary styling. Unlike off-the-rack suits, bespoke truly portrays your personality and sophistication.

Karen Morgan