Gone are the days when power dressing was limited to the corporate honchos attending international conferences, traveling business class, playing golf with their associates, or do anything that required them to dress sharp. These days, an increasing number of working class heroes are realizing how essential it is to dress well and look suave, if they want to climb the corporate ladder. A well-dressed professional exudes the confidence that an employer looks for in their employees, and what the client expects from the ones representing the company with which they do business. Continuing on the lines of the subject, let us take a look at some power dressing essentials for the modern working man.

Bespoke Suits

A bespoke suit is the ultimate attire that you must wear when you want to look your corporate best. To give you that ultimate fit and the experience of a true bespoke, at ByDCLA we take 36 measurements that ensure every single detail is taken into account. Starting from scratch a bespoke tailor takes care of each and every aspect of a bespoke suit, be it something as important as the fabric or be it the minutest of details such as the button hole or the trouser cuff that may seem insignificant to some.

Solid Shirts

A solid shirt is the foundation of a man’s business outfit. If not, you must have at least a dozen solid shirts in your wardrobe that you can team up with a bespoke suit or simply wear them with a smart trouser. Usually men like to go with solid whites, however, there are other colors also. For example – light blue, french blue, off-white, lavender and more. One quick tip – subdued solid colors are great for office wear, however, avoid dark colors should strictly be avoided as it looks casual on the wearer.

Luxury Timepieces

A watch reflects the personal style of its wearer, and therefore, it’s important to wear the right watch for the right occasion. While there are a thousand brands that you may drool over, let us stick to what goes best with a bespoke suit or any other formal outfit that you wear to work. Some of the major brands that you may choose from includes Rolex, Ferrari, Boss, Casio, Longines and more


Like a wise man once said, “a perfect outfit is incomplete without the perfect shoes” If you want to accentuate your office-going look, the low-heeled brogue is a perfect choice of shoes that you can team up with your formal outfit. In fact, there was a time when brogues were not considered appropriate for social or business occasions. However, as time passed not only the acceptance of use of these shoes for business purposes increased, but they also became one of the most recommended shoe types to be worn with power suits.  

Last Few Words

Not having a uniform or a specific dress code to work may be a headache, especially for the ones who find it a tedious task to choose what to wear to work, every day. However, what they do not realize is that not having a uniform or a dress code is a boon for them as it allows them to showcase their individual style. One must take advantage of this opportunity and use it to ‘dress to impress’ and stand out among the rest at their workplace. Should you wish to learn more about your options, feel free to speak with one of our style consultants.

Karen MorganDCLA