A Definitive Guide to Dressing Like an Italian Man

When it comes to fashion, Italian men are considered to be the perfect sartorial measuring sticks. They not only know their fashion but are also acquainted with the ways to carry them to the best of their abilities. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Italian men are fond of fit, cut and the subtle way of accessorizing with high-quality fabrics. Naturally, most men from the rest of the world would like to dress like Italian men. To help them in this endeavor we have compiled a comprehensive guide to dressing like an Italian man. Now all they need is to learn and follow.

Make Friends with Chino and Linen Suiting

Most Italians like to live a relaxed lifestyle, and their choice of clothes don’t beg to differ. British style, on the other hand, is much more conservative and therefore, they would rather like to look sharp all the time. This contrast in sartorial choices explains why, unlike traditional British tailoring, linen and cotton jackets are such a significant part of an Italian style. Their way of dressing help to make an attractively relaxed impression on people around them.

Learn to Embrace Color

In the world of fashion, there is no right combination of colors but your ability to carry them without breaking a sweat. You can learn to inject color to your outfit in small doses if you are not a lover of flashy colors. For instance, an orange belt with a white shirt or purple driving loafers matching with khakis and a navy blazer will spontaneously elevate your look. But if you’ve got a daring spirit, go ahead and try those white jeans with a pink blazer.

Find a Tailor who can Execute a “Shivering-Break”

The lesson here is to find an experienced and skilled tailor to have your Italian wardrobe essentials altered to fit.  Whether they are Italian made suits or other wardrobe essentials for men, you need to spend ample time with your tailor so that the pants will sit at exactly the right height with the shoes. The trousers should just kiss the wearer’s shoes while exhibiting a perfect “shivering break” – when the hem of the trouser meets the shoes’ vamps without rumpling.

Develop Your Personal Style

Quirks express individuality and therefore, even if you may like somebody’s way to sporting an outfit, it is difficult to replicate it in a similar fashion. Moreover, you should always have your definite style statement so that people remember you for original traits.  You may also take pointers from classic style ideas such as turning back of shirt cuffs over the jacket’s sleeves, with the lengths of the shirt and suit corresponding amicably or unbuttoning a few of the cuff buttons from your jacket, giving the impression that your clothes are bespoke. The only thing you should keep in mind is not to cross the thin line between individual quirks and absurd styling.

Add a Work-Wear to Look Cool

In general, Italian men are too smart for a complete workwear or traditional looks as we know it. They have a knack of introducing elements of it into a coherent outfit. For instance,  they may combine some crisp white chinos, a Wabash fabric waistcoat, a gingham button-down shirt and a US Marines overshirt. This outfit can then further be distinguished by a crocodile belt buckle. The style will be appealing without being attention-seeking at the same time.


No matter wherever you live, you can always take a few style pointers from the world’s most stylish men – the Italian men. To add a pinch of Italian swagger to your personal style, you need a mix of small adjustments such as sleeve lengths to sizeable adjustments such as color and fabric. 

Karen Morgan