Bespoke Suits: Elements to Consider When Going Bespoke

Going bespoke is one of the best ways to stand apart from the crowd. How could you not with quality materials from Savile Row’s in England or Loro Piana’s in Italy? Fine materials, superior tailoring – these are the elements that make your suit bespoke.

At byDCLA, we understand the true value of looking your absolute best. We define perfection by how our garment makes you feel. Does it contour to your body, comfortably, like an extension of your skin? Does the suit move with you when you move?


byDCLA_Bespoke Suits


Here are just a few of the other elements that go into making a perfect custom suit.

1. Define the Occasion

Experienced tailors will always ask you to define the occasion where you will be wearing your bespoke suit. Is the suit for a wedding, cocktails and dinner, for a board meeting? Will it be part of your wardrobe all year long, or a summer suit? Are you wanting to look of the moment or timeless? This information is vital to the tailor and influences the design, materials, color and texture of the final product.

2. Which Mills  Will Go in the Making?

Fabric plays a crucial role in custom tailored suits. When you go  bespoke, there should not be any limitations in terms of cloth selection. We have access to the best mills across the world, and each of them has a specialty they can provide depending on the look you are  going for. It’s not unusual for a  bespoke suit to involves the consideration of 10 fabric mills, a standard to which our professionals adhere to religiously.

3. Determine the Fit

Based on your body type, height, weight and personal style, a good tailor will work with you to determine the best fit for the best you. A close fit  should not restrict your arms or any other movement just as a looser fit should not erase your body shape.

4. Mind the Details

Stitching a bespoke suit requires precision and perfection. Good tailors keep every aspect and detail of the final product at hand. Stitching, lining, button holes, cuffs. Some people may need dropped shoulders or other nuances. Tailoring is the art of personalizing the garment where every stitch showcases the quality of workmanship.


The prominent tailor Gresham Blake once said in an interview, “The tailor is there to guide you through the service, so make sure you use him to get the suit that you want.”  We believe this at byDCLA.  We champion the pursuit of timeless elegance.