Bespoke Shirts: Must Have for Power Dressing

Though there is no particular time to which the origin of shirts can be traced, they have been the foundation of men’s wardrobes for ages. Symbolizing elegance and refinement, shirts have been a part of men’s lives across cultures for centuries. As shirts evolved, they transcended from being a mere piece of clothing to a direct reflection of the wearer’s style sense and status, which explains the increasing demand of bespoke shirts. Today, bespoke fashion house take the appeal of shirts to a whole new level. What’s the difference, you ask? Let’s see.

What makes a bespoke shirt “different”?

A bespoke shirt has numerous elements that separates it from regular or made-to-measure shirts. Some of the most notable differences between bespoke shirts and other shirts are:

Choice of Fabrics

Every seasoned bespoke shirt tailors would tell you that one of the reasons why customers come to them is to be able to get a shirt that is exclusively made for them, from a premium fabric of their choice. The ability to choose from a variety of mills provides men the luxury to decide on vitals such as weight, texture, colour and pattern, thereby resulting in shirts that are truly “been spoken for”.

That Perfect Fit

Not only do men differ from each other in terms of physical attributes, but every individual is not symmetrical. It might sound strange but fact is that, for men, to have one shoulder sit higher or lower than the other or an arm longer or shorter than the other, is actually more common than you think. It is because of this reason that regular and MTM shirts are made to accommodate a wide range of body types, which is not the case with bespoke shirts.

Detailed Customization

Bespoke tailors pay attention to the minutest of details. They not only take numerous measurements to ensure a perfect fit, but can also help you better tune your styling by complementing the shirts to accessories such as watches and cufflinks. Similarly, the shirt collars are designed so that their width matches the width of the tie and the jacket you plan to pair it with, thereby helping in balancing the proportions.

Why team a bespoke shirt with a bespoke jacket?

Some people do not realize the importance of wearing a bespoke shirt with a bespoke jacket. The fact is, even the most masterfully crafted bespoke shirts may lose their appeal if paired with an inapt jacket. The length of sleeves is where the problem usually arises. Ideally, the shirt’s sleeve should be about a centimeter longer than the jacket with which it is paired. Therefore, to get that perfect look, it is important to pair a bespoke shirt with a bespoke jacket, and vice versa. That’s because regular and MTM shirts are usually cut generously in order to ensure that most men find them comfortable. However, more often than not, the arm doesn’t fit the armhole perfectly, and as a result, there is a lot of loose fabric left under the arm, giving a very untidy look as it bunches up under the jacket, restricting arm movement.


Some ready to wear and MTM shirt labels offer good workmanship and if one has a limited budget, their options might be worthwhile. However, for those who seek absolute perfection and unparalleled class, bespoke shirts are the way to go. The only point worth noting here, is that once you get used to a bespoke shirts, you will never want to wear MTM shirts again. To learn more about bespoke shirts and how they are made, feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives. We’d love to hear from you!