Belts and Shoes: Which Colors Shall I Choose?

Don’t be confused with belt selection, ever again!


Julia: “Victor, we are getting late.”

Victor: “Ya coming, 10 minutes please. Let me quickly put on my charcoal gray suit and burgundy shoes. Ya, these look nice. Ah, belt, well black looks great, but my shoes are burgundy, so maybe I can try brown instead, or shall I stick to burgundy? Argh, the burgundy belt I have does not exactly match the shade of my shoes. What should i do?”

Situations like these are common and quite frustrating. Despite having a selection of the right ensembles and accessories, you may find yourself unable to decide what to wear. This is precisely what we will talk about in this brief post. The issue of matching shoes and belts, among men, may sound petty, but it is a problem faced by most men regularly – no exceptions. So, lets try to help Victor.

Men's  Belt

Shoes and Belts: Deciphering the Rules

Though, with progressive designers constantly redefining norms, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to men’s styling, there sure are more than a few pitfalls, such as wearing a slip-on with a formal suite! All in all, it is more about your approach, which may give way to certain protocols.

The Conventional

Taking a cue from conventional fashion rules, it is ideal to wear a belt and shoes of the same color. So, if you are wearing a black shoe, a black belt is game, and with a brown shoe, fasten a brown belt – its that easy! However, the possibility that your belt and shoes will be of the exact same color is marginal. In fact, there is no need to press yourself hard to find an exact match – a little difference in the shade may not hurt, Besides, those who wish to highlight such a difference may take the contemporary route.

The Contemporary

Fashion has always been about following and breaking trends, otherwise, it would never have evolved in the manner that it has. So, what does the contemporary rule say? For those who do not like to conform, there is much room for experimentation.Dark brown shoes and a light brown belt, for instance, make a great combination. Trying different shades of the same color is, in fact, a great way to add some contrast to your dressing and be in vogue. Moreover, this gives you more options in terms of accessories.

RED FLAG: Never team a black shoe with a brown belt, unless the tone is so dark that it looks black.

Summing Up

Whether matching your shoes and belt, you will never do wrong if you keep it simple and go for premium quality items. When it comes to belts, you may try out as many combination as you want to find styles that suit you the best. No matter the color, if your belt has worn out, replace it immediately. As far options are concerned; although genuine leather belts are the way go, you may also go for synthetic belts if budget is a constraint. Should you wish to learn more, feel free to contact our support desk.