Neckwear and Pocket Square

You can call it ‘Tie-an-elegance’!

ByDCLA - Men's Neckwear and Pocket Square

Yes, we are talking about men’s neckwear that can make a true style statement and complement an outfit.

The uniqueness and appeal of neckwear depends on their style, pattern, fabric, and color.

The bow tie styles of neckwear vary according to the suits worn. For example, the classic black Tuxedo has a specific bow style that you can wear in any black-tie event. However, for a double-breasted bespoke suit, a nicely patterned tie with contrasting color will look good.

You can also find various patterns such as novelty, plaids, stripes, and solids. In addition to these, neckwear is also available with multiple color combinations. Undeniably, stylish neckwear can add a tinge of glamour to a man’s outfit, and make sure there is no ‘fashion glitch’ or ‘dressing deficiencies’.

Whether you suit up for business meetings and conferences, or wear a perfect dinner jacket for the evening, neckwear makes you carry all the elements of a rich wardrobe effortlessly. You can find all of these in our collection.

Besides neckwear, you will also need a pocket square for your jacket pocket. The best quality pocket squares are stitched with double hems and mitered corners to create a flawless finish. Keep in mind that it is a visible fashion item, and should be folded in such a way that will reflect either austerity or flamboyance.

We offer an enviable collection of all-silk, patterned or solid pocket squares that can give you a classy appearance. Let us help you get these accessories that are class apart.