For men of substance, cufflinks are not just some decorative accessory, ByDCLA - Cufflinks for Men but reflect his sense of style and personality. It is true that these accessories are needed to fasten both sides of the cuff on a French or link cuff dress shirt. However, other than this basic function, cufflinks can also make a sophisticated and powerful statement.

Cufflinks for men evolved between the early 17th century to mid-19th century from ribbons of cloth, to buttons attached to one another, to aesthetically painted jeweled studs or diamonds that are connected by using ornate gold links. It was Prince of Wales, later King Edward the VII, upon donning colorful Faberge cufflinks who tacitly gave the stamp of acceptance to them. To the delight of many, the evolution of this accessory continues.

In keeping with your elite taste, byDCLA brings stylish cufflinks from the U.K. for your French cuff dress shirts. High density and innovatively designed, they will surely get noticed wherever you go. The careful attention to even the minutest details makes these accessories endlessly fascinating and enjoyable to wear!


How important is it to wear a pair of quality socks?

ByDCLA - Socks for Men

Consider this: the part of the human body that perspires the most are the feet. You need socks that can absorb and evaporate the moisture. It all depends on all the quality of the fabric, knitting and thickness of the socks.

Over the years, various fibers have been used for making socks such as silk, wool, and ever popular cotton. In addition to that, many innovative blends, including a unique blend of cotton and nylon are being used for manufacturing high quality socks.

We offer a wide variety of socks manufactured by top-notch brands like J. M. Dickens, Punto, and Penguin. We also have a signature collection of socks by designer label Robert Graham.

In addition to the above, you can pick luxury braces for men that are used (instead of a belt) to hold up (suspend) the trousers. Our vast collection of braces includes Limited Edition Silk Braces by Trafalgar, which are both elegantly expressive and highly collectible.

Explore our website to learn more about the unique accessories that we offer, or call us now, and our stylists can help you pick the essential accessories that are just right for you!