A Guide to Build an Italian Wardrobe from Scratch

We can’t deny the fact that Italian men have a somewhat superior hold on fashion. Credit it to their heritage of brilliant designers such as Giorgio Armani, Rene Caovilla, Marco Coretti, Angelo Litrico, or their innate desire to stand out in a crowd. It won’t be wrong to say that even the most basic Italian wardrobe essentials reek of class. Speaking of wardrobes,at some point you may have looked at yours and wished it was a little more Italian, and a little less all over the place. Guess what, even you can build one from the scratch! Let’s see how.

byDCLA- Italian Wardrobe

First, Some Basics

Italians are conscientious about how they dress, right from the start. Even the kids in Italy wear tailor-made shirts. Italian fashion is both flashy and supple at the same time. The trick is to embrace all colors and pay heed to accessories. Make sure you’re also wary of the cut, stitch, and quality of the fabric being used. Let’s delve a little deeper.

Typical Italian Cut: Lean

There’s no room for baggy clothes, even if it is an oversized dinner jacket in an basic Italian wardrobe. It is important to buy clothes that fit you well. So when it comes to picking out jeans, shirts or even suits, you need to take the help of a custom tailor unless you’re up for sparing more than a few hours on shopping.

Play with Colors

Italians love to have a colorful wardrobe but that does not mean you need to include loud flashy tones-such as orange or pink-in your wardrobe. You need to be open to the idea of introducing and experimenting with the oddest of colors in subtle ways to master the art of dressing like a pro.

Master Pocket Squaring

Pocket squares may be regarded as the ultimate sign of sophistication when it comes to fashion. If you’ve ever sported pocket squares, you’ve probably limited your detail for attention to folding and fine tuning. If you are planning to go the Italian way, you need to start paying attention to the color schemes also, as the color borders, polka dots, and patterns.

Accessories: Be Tasteful

A lot of people believe that Italian men’s fashion is all about guzzling yourself in different types of accessories from head to toe, which is simply untrue. The reality is, “less is more”, especially when it comes to Italian fashion. For instance, if you’re wearing a watch and a tie clip, avoid wearing a bracelet or a flashy belt buckle. There’s no harm in stocking the other things we mentioned, as long as you use them in a tasteful manner. Additional Tip: Italians go for high end branded leather accessories.


Don’t blindly follow every fashion trend that you come across. While changing your wardrobe ensure that you follow the Italian fashion basics to make a lasting impression. Should you wish to learn more about the clothing and accessories you need to master an Italian wardrobe, feel free to speak with one of our style consultants.