A Gentleman’s Wardrobe Essentials: 3 Classic Suits that are a Lifetime Investment

With just a tick of the clock, seasons come and go. However, while fashion changes over time, certain items can never be replaced. We are talking suits, every stylish man’s armour. Weather you are investing in a custom suit for the first time, or adding to your wardrobe collection, classic suits are worth every cent. They are a lifetime investment. This article showcases three fashion-forward suits that always go with every season. Let’s check them out.

byDCLA Custom Suit

Navy Two-Piece

Navy is the new all-season and all-occasion suit color. From having a cup of coffee with a client, to attending a wedding or a job interview, this item is very versatile. Having gained much prominence over the years, navy custom suits are considered today’s perfect ensemble for any business occasions. Many go to the extent of saying that navy two-piece is the only suit a man would ever need, due to its rich and versatile tone.

Tip:Go for a single-breasted, notch lapel jacket, with brown footwear and accessories. When doing the casual round, combine with a jeans, tailored trouser or a chino.

Black Two-Piece

While black suits often fall into a debate for the occasion, there’s nothing better than a well tailored black ensemble. Its elegance is unmatchable. However, donning this timeless classic equires a few tricks. While a black tie and a classic white dress can win hearts, a full black suit– except in weddings and funerals–may look too stark in the daytime.

Tip: Black suits look great under artificial lights. When slipping into them during the day time you can also pair the jacket with slim grey trousers.

Mid-Grey Three-Piece

No matter the occasion, grey is that one color that rocks all men of all color. Even if it’s your wedding day or that normal day in office, a well crafted grey custom suit is all you need. In fact, the three-piece grey bespoke has always remained a top choice for men–preferring the fully buttoned-up style. Adding a waistcoat can also help you leave a solid impression during those special occasions.

Tip:Put on the waistcoat with a tieless shirt, especially during the summer  when the jacket it’s needed. Roll up the sleeves for a dressed-down feel.


Suits are a power statement that are meant to create an everlasting impression. No wonder this regalia is a trademark for most business professionals. You are likely to have one of the three suits in your wardrobe but having all three of these timeless classics will have you set. Increasing your collection of custom suits gives you a better chance to rotate them and consequently, increase their longevity.