A Gentleman’s Style Guide to Shirt Collars

The collar of a shirt constitutes one of its most prominent parts. Particularly when it is a white shirt, the collar not only frames your face but also, adds an extra persona to your white shirt lookbook. Though fit of the shirt carries maximum significance to a viewer, the shape and proportions of its collar is something you cannot overlook. Menswear experts believe that instead of buying dress shirts with collars that counter-balance your face, get one that goes well with your style statement.
Dig in to explore the ultimate style guide to shirt collars.

White Shirt

Collar Interlining

Use of interlining in a collar lends it extra structure and a tougher feel. Structure in a collar helps to improve its stand, whether worn on its own or under a blazer’s lapel. Collar interlining typically comes in two varieties, namely sewn and fusible. Sewn interlining carries a bespoke feel to it with a piece of fabric hand sewn onto the collar. While in the case of fusible interlining, interlining is glued with a light adhesive onto the collar. This type of interlining comes in multifarious weights and textures. High-quality fusible interlining helps to maintain the structure and wearability of the shirt over time.

Collar Stays

You cannot deny the significance of a proper and crisp collar stay on your shirt. It keeps the shape of your collar intact; preventing it from curling in and out. They are ideal in keeping your collar upright with a sharp point over time; lending it a more polished and professional look. Sewn-in and removable are two varieties of collar stays. A few of the popular kinds of collar stays that men wear these days are plastic, stainless steel, brass, and gold collar stays.

Collar Types

Tall Spread Collar

Considered as one of the most formal collars, the higher collar band of the tall spread collar gives it an upright, formal stand. Shirts with a tall spread collar look great when worn under a blazer or suit jacket, along with a tie. It is not a specifically large or small collar but, carries nice, wearable proportions. This incredibly versatile collar goes well with all kinds of suits.

Point Collar

This classic and more on the American side collar has a smaller distance between the two collar points and when buttoned, a narrower enclosure for a tie knot. The collar points on both the tall spread and point collars are the same in length; they end up 3” away from one another on the point. You can find a great variety of point collar styles, ranging from classic tall-point to the casual washed point.

Button-Down Collar

The button-down collar is typically a variation on the point collar with a softer interfacing and buttons holding down the collar points. This medium-sized collar falls in between the classic and modern style collars. It has just the correct amount of interlining to have a perfect roll when worn with a tie for a more professional look. The buttons that hold down a button-down collar are smaller than shirt front and cuff buttons. They are of about the same size as sleeve gauntlet buttons. You should wear a button-down shirt only with a single-breasted suit.


Next time you buy a shirt, not only look for the fit,  but also give equal importance to the shape and style of its collar. A collar can, indeed, make or break the look of your shirt. You can even contact our menswear experts to access our white shirt lookbook; helping you choose the perfect business look.