7 Tips to Make Bespoke Suits Withstand the Test of Time

Although bespoke suits, unlike made-to-measure suits, are on the higher side in terms of cost, the flamboyant confidence they lend to their wearer is matchless. Investing in some quality bespoke suits is a smart choice, however, you also need to learn to take their proper care. The reason is simple – even if the suits are made of high quality material to endure long working hours, the fabric will stretch, tear, or split overtime. By taking some precautionary measures while handling your customized clothing, you help them last longer. Let’s take a look.

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1. Keep Alternatives

Sporting one suit frequently not only reduces its lifespan, but also diminishes the sheen of the fabric. Give your suit at least a day off after wearing it once. Have at least 4-5 extra pair of suits that you can rotate during the week. The same technique applies to shirts, shoes, and ties. By keeping alternatives, you wear one suit less frequently and also have different styles for different days.

2. Avoid Heavy Items in Pockets

The inner pockets on a suit are not there to burden them with heavy objects. Inner pockets are made of thin and delicate fabric and by putting heavy items in them, for example Car keys, you run the risk of stretching the fabric. Putting heavy objects in outer pockets, on the other hand, diminishes the sartorial appeal of the suit, and the beauty of a tailored silhouette is lost.

3. Dry Clean Sparingly

To prolong the life of your bespoke suits, it is advisable to dry clean them not more than twice a year. Though dry cleaning gives a clear wash, the chemical used in it are hard on the fabric and shortens the lifespan of your suits. Therefore, unless you spot some accidental stains on them, which must be removed immediately, use a soft brush to remove light stains.

4. Use a High Quality Brush

When you invest in bespoke suits, make sure to purchase a quality clothes brush. Clean your suit at least once a week to keep it stain free and fresh in-between professional cleanings. A lint roll or a well-made clothes brush with firm bristles effectively cleans unwanted hair, threads, and dirt from suit and therefore, is a recommended item for bespoke suit enthusiasts.

5. Hang Your Suits on Wooden Hangers Only

Never hang your bespoke suits on a wire hanger; instead hang them on thick wooden hangers so that the fabric has enough room to breathe after use. Wire hangers usually leave indentations on trouser legs, damage the shape of the shoulders of your suit jacket, and can even fade the color of the fabric suspended from the hanger.

6. Ensure Enough Space in the Closet

Make sure when you hang your suit in the closet it is not squeezed between other items in your closet. Squeezing and somehow adjusting your suit in the closet would only make matters worse as  you will end up using a crushed suit the next day when you have to grab onto your clothes real quick.

7. Invest in Suit-friendly Travel Bags

When travelling, you must ensure the packing allows your suit fabric to breathe properly. Be wary of plastic or canvas bags as they don’t offer much room for fabric to breathe, instead invest in some suit-friendly carry bags that protect it from mould and moths so that you can also use them for hanging suits inside the closet.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, investing in a bespoke clothing pays off in the long run, but that doesn’t mean it is going to last forever. Bespoke suits or bespoke shirts add glamour to your personality, if you pay attention to keep their packing and handling needs in order. Hope this guide helps you enhance the lifespan of your bespoke clothing so that you get more for your valuable investment. If you wish to learn more about bespoke suits, feel free to call our stylists at (844) 707-8084.