5 Wedding Myths that Spoil the Occasion

The wedding bells will ring and you’ll be tied to an auspicious knot to spend the future with your beloved partner. Sounds great.

 While getting hitched is easy, executing this once-in-a-lifetime occasion perfectly takes a lot of effort. No wonder all those thoughts about the venue, the suit, the themes, and how to be your best. Be sure, however, that no myths confuse or make you overly obsessed with things that you forget to enjoy this grand day. Precisely, to help you here, we debunk 5 wedding myths so that there’s no sacrifice in your prosperity, and you enjoy the event with alacrity.

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Myth 1: A Tux is Mandatory

While a well tailored black tux with good accessories is a good option, it is not an obligation on your wedding day. Don’t forget a well-tailored bespoke such as a double breasted, single breasted, or one button is an investment that will serve you on multiple occasions, and not just some rare dinner party.

Myth 2: Keep Your Suit Subtle

Don’t try to outshine the gown. This thinking has been at the centre of many minds, but you should not worry much about it. While you may want the bride to look great, you wouldn’t want yourself to compromise with a bland and boring suit. The wedding day is as much important for you as your future wife, and to be at your best is your right. Go for an elegant, sharp looking bespoke, and look as stylish as you can.

Myth 3: Stick to Tradition

You are no more in the 1950s when bespoke suits had wide collars and torsos. Despite this fact, weddings, as a rule of thumb, generally, stick to traditions. Though many couples prefer themed or traditional settings–Victorian themes are trending these days–such things shouldn’t stop you from donning a modern suit or experimenting with our existing collection. Complementing your bespoke with accessories such as french cuffs, ties, cufflinks, or patterned pocket squares, can render you a modern look, while keeping the elegance factor intact.

Myth 4: Don’t Experiment with Dresses

Many people, thinking that weddings are a serious occasion, bind themselves within conventional dressing clutches. Not to forget, your wedding is less a serious and more a fun day. Pondering about everything shouldn’t go to an extent that you end up squeezing fun out of the day. Neither should it restrict you from experimenting or trying an interesting suit or a tie that sets off your look. It’s your day, and you have every right to rock the party with powerful and punch-packed dressing. Think accessories, and try everything that accentuates your looks.

Myth 5: Everything Should be Matching

Themes are good, but they should be a part of the entire venue. If the flowers and table are green and gold doesn’t mean that your suit accessories too should be of the same color.

Too much color and pattern in accessories may make you like an amateur, no matter you have the best suit in Los Angeles. Therefore, go for colors that suit you, and if possible, compliment the theme.


Fashion, like other fields comes with certain rules, but tweaking them from time to time is what gives birth to vogue or its trends. When purchasing a suit like bespoke, therefore, no matter from Los Angeles, Florida, or any other occasion, don’t shy to convey your ideas to your tailor. Let him know about your plans, and how you wish to present yourself on the most important day of your life.

 At byDCLA, our professionals tailors take everything into consideration before crafting a perfect bespoke for you. Equipped with sartorial skills, and familiar with the latest trends in the suiting industry, they are know to create suits that set off your look on your wedding.