5 Stylish Suits that Rocked the Oscars 2016

Men's Stylish Suit

Every year the Oscars bring with it a unique aura of glam and glitter, with men in their favorite made to measure and bespoke suits. The 88th Annual Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, brought the same spirit, with legendary actors walking over the red carpet, but with a distinctive panache. In this brief post, we present a list of five stylish celebs that rocked the Oscars 2016 occasion with their premium suits, starting with a long-oscar-deserving actor who was finally recognized by the jury in this year’s event.

1. Leonardo Di Caprio

It wasn’t just Leo’s overwhelming speech about global warming and the words, “Let us not take this planet for granted, I do not take this night for granted”, but also the Armani made-to-measure and nitid Christian Louboutin shoes that made him look the man of the day. The elegant black suit helped him perfect his presence over the red carpet and steal the style crown.

2. Tom Hardy

When Leo didn’t forget to mention Tom during the Oscars, how can we dare not include his name in this list. Though, we mention the English actor, screenwriter, and producer for a different purpose, his three piece Gucci suit with a black bow. The coolest part, however, were the matching black sunglasses he wore, which most couldn’t just stop looking at during the occasion.

3. Eddie Redmayne

Nominated for the Best Actor for the second year in a row, Eddie walked the red carpet with his pregnant wife Hannah Bagshawe in a black tux. The velvet suit looked graciously well over him and matched Hannah’s dress.

4. Jacob Tremblay

The Vancouver born Canadian actor was looking no less than any of the best-dressed men present at the Oscars. The boy-actor, who gave a breakout performance in the 2015 movie Room pulled off an impressive Armani to give a tough competition to the adult actors. What was most august about his dressing, however, were the Millenium Falcon cufflinks and Darth Vader socks that made him look extra cool.

5. And, Chris Rock

Having got the opportunity to host the Oscars for the second time–the first during the 77th Academy Awards–Christopher Julius aka Chris Rock made the stage more vibrant with the selection of his Burberry white jacket. The American actor, comedian, and voice artist, who shot to prominence with the movies Down to Earth (2011) and Head of State (2003), complemented his suit with a black pant and like Leonardo donned a pair of black Louboutin shoes.


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