5 Style Hacks that Make you Look Taller While Sporting Bespoke Suits

While probably everyone is fond of bespoke suits, for their unmatched style and elegance they shower on your personality, they also wants to look tall as well. Fortunately, as your dressing sense plays a pivotal role in your appearance, it can help you here as well. We don’t say you would turn 6’1”, when you might be only 5 feet. You shouldn’t expect any sort of a Danny DeVito to Michael Jordan transition overnight. There are tricks, however, that work good in giving the illusion of a taller look.

Sporting Bespoke Suits

Sport Single Color

You may have noticed at some point that when someone wears an outfit of the same color– or a tonal monochrome outfit — they look taller. The reason behind it is the vertical line formation that your eyes naturally follow. Wearing the same colored suit, with a slight difference in tones-such as blue and gray-is a nice way to streamline the shape of the suit with your body and achieve a taller look. Although, darker colors are better for a bespoke suit, black will provide a shrunken look. The best is to go with navy or charcoal gray colored suits.

Go for Vertical Stripes

Ever heard of the popular debate about how and why horizontal lines make you look wider? Fashionistas now say that vertical stripes make you look taller. Believe them, as they do. No matter fabrics such as corduroy or patterns such as striped shirts, evenly spaced vertical lines make the donner look taller. The reason, people tend to follow the lines up the suit or the shirt, instead of stopping at other points of the attire.

Wear Slim Fit Clothes

Slim fit clothes help you achieve a taller look. Baggy clothes, on the other hand, not only give the impression that you have borrowed someone else’s clothes, but they also make you look uncomfortable. This is why it is so important to consult the right tailor, and talk about what you are trying to achieve out of your suit. An experienced tailor will consider all the cuts while preparing a suit that fit your body and shape, and make you look taller.

Maintain a Good Posture

Posture is one of the most important elements that give the illusion of long height; however, not all of us use of our complete height, or maintain a good posture to show how tall we are. Imagine yourself as a rod standing tall, instead of a bow. Remember, a Thoracic Kyphosis posture is neither good for the spine, nor for your height. So, the next time you sport a bespoke suit, remember to keep your head high, your back straight, and chest pushed forward.

Play Down the Finer Details

When you want to look tall, your accessories too need to compliment your actions. The elements such as lapels, tie width knot, amount of shirt cuff, and collars should be thinner than average. Remember, the idea is to let the details of the suit run in proportion to your size, and not highlight small features.

Things to Remember

  • Avoid belts in contrasting colors.
  • Avoid short-sleeved shirts. They highlight shorter limbs.
  • Opt for linen trousers and roll long sleeves the Italian way.
  • Tuck the shirt in, if the hem passes your hip bone.

Last Words

When it comes to giving the illusion of height through clothing, the idea is always to keep the details upstairs and draw people’s attention towards the upper part of your body. These 5 tips can make you look tall in your bespoke suit, and add that ‘wow’ factor to your personality. However, remember that every person has a different body and nuance. While there are people who wish to look a little more taller, there are those too who wish they could have reduced an inch or so to get that perfect look.