5 Must-Follow Suit Care Commandments

Tailored suits crafted from premium quality fabrics make a great impression. Although every man would agree with this statement, many are not as concerned with the upkeep of their quality tailored suit. The result: diminished appeal and curtailed lifespan. To help, this post discusses 5 simple suit maintenance tips to ensure that your bespoke suit says in mint condition for years to come. Let’s begin.


byDCLA - Men's Suit


1. Rotate Your Suits
Doning any suit continuously over time long time is bound to result in premature wear and tear. The best way to maintain your suit is to rotate it with other suits. Ideally, you should have a 3 week rotation of suits in your wardrobe. So if you are wearing suit twice a week you should have at least 6 “go to suits” that you would wear for any given situation. The reason for this is that the one thing that absolutely ruins garments is drycleaning. We at bydcla recommend that you dry clean you suits only once a year. The only way you are able to do this if you have enough suits in your wardrobe and wear your suits no more than once to twice every 3 weeks. This will increase the lifespan of all your suits.


2. Invest in Extra Trousers
Buying an extra trouser with a suit is a great way to not only add variety to the suit, but also to enhance the lifespan of the trousers that came with your initial suit. You typically spend 10 hours a day in your trousers – your jacket normally hangs on the back of your door. Thus making it harder on your trousers. If you wear them out, for all practical purposes the suit is destroyed. So invest in an extra set of trousers, perhaps in 2 different styles, to preserve the shape and even add variety the suit itself.


byDCLA - Pocket of your Suits

3. Limit the Use of Pockets
A wise tailor will always advise you to use the pocket of your suits as little as possible. Given this, try TO burden the internal pockets of your suit minimally with papers, pens, wallets, and externally, you may wish to keep your outer pockets sewn shut. Regularly loading the pockets especially the outside pockets causes wear and makes them sag. Loading the external pockets disturbs the shape and outline of the suit. You may prefer pockets for style, but do yourself a favor and keep their usage to a minimum.


4. Avoid Frequent Dry Cleaning
Dry cleaning is probably the simplest solution, when it comes to getting your suits cleaned. Though the cleaning agents used in dry cleaning restore the suit’s luster, frequent dry cleaning can also damage the fabric. Therefore, to ensure optimal lifespan of your suits, invest in quality dry cleaning on less regular intervals.


5. Mind the Storage Environment
The environment in which you store your suits impacts their life span. While there should be no humidity in the closet, thick wooden hangers are ideal to hang your suits, as they maintain the garment’s shape and also absorb moisture to a certain extent. In addition cedar blocks, hangers or closets are a terrific deterrent to moths and controlling the moisture in the closets. At the same time, ensure that your wardrobe has ample space so that you do not squeeze your suits giving them ample room to breathe – remember wool is a natural fiber.


A perfectly tailored bespoke suit can help you look your best, but maintaining the quality and cut over time should be considered part of the investment. Take the extra steps to preserve your suit so you can enjoy its bespoke benefits for years to come.