5 Modern Office Style Sins You Need to Avoid

Unlike earlier times, when a suit with a sober shirt and tie couldn’t make you go wrong – the modern office look isn’t limited to well-tailored business suits for men. Everything from the bag you carry to your undershirt and the friday denim matters. Any mismatch here and there, and you may stumble, spoiling the sophistication of even the most expensive bespoke suit. To help you tread well on your 9 to 5 look, we present five modern office style sins and their fix through this article.

byDCLA-Business Suits for Men

1- Carrying Gym Bags to Office

Though office briefcases have transitioned to office backpacks, you need to be smart with your selection here. No mockery, but if the backpack slung over the shoulders of your intricate bespoke suit is permeated with pockets, better reserve it for hiking.

What to Do?

Invest in backpacks that come in premium fabrics, contemporary shapes and softened colors.

Black, brown or blue leather backpacks in quality hardware that have enough space for your laptop is what you need to look classy.

2- Infusing the Wrong Athleisure into Business Casuals

We don’t ask you to limit black or brown lace-ups when choosing formal shoes with suits. However, in an attempt to separate yourself from the clutter, don’t commit the mistake of trying to rock your gym trainers with your business suit.

What to do?

If you are looking to rest those crocodile, lizard, and ostrich leather for a while, throw on classic canvas. Try Stan Smith’s to induce a creative touch to your suit.

3- Dressing Too Casual on a Casual Friday

While you may rock a runway with a trendy tracksuit bottom, carrying it to your office, even if it’s a casual friday, is just too casual. Remember, being trendy is good, but not at the cost of inappropriate looks.

What to Do?

Balance being the key, when dressing down the lower half, go for a cuffed slimline chino, and match it with a smart shirt and jumper. Similarly, you may try polo shirts; however, to add more elegance to your casual look, pair it with brogues and tailored trousers.

4- Not Hiding a Visible Undershirt

Even a well-crafted bespoke suit loses its sheen if your undershirt is visible. Remember, with more people moving towards the ‘no-tie’ suit look, the unpleasant sight of your undershirt can easily dismantle your image in front of that hard earned client.

What to Do?

Go for V-neck undershirts; we suggest heather gray, as it is less visible under lighter shirts, and a better option if you already have white. However, don’t completely ditch the undershirt, for the sweat stains may ruin your expensive shirt.

5- Wearing a Dad Denim

Lighter jeans are back in trend, but wearing a light shade, especially an acid wash dad jean, is not a wise option for business casual. Mistakenly, if you are still wearing shapeless pairs, people might start comparing you to Jeremy Clarkson soon.

What to Do?

Let there be no difference between your trousers and jeans–after all, you carry both to work. However, no need to go for a tailored jean. Stick to rich colors, and match your indigo jeans with blazers, knitwears, and suede boots to make them work.


Sartorial evolution has given us both the liberty and choice to present our unique side through clothing. When it comes to business suits for men, and matching them with other ensembles that look good during the office hours, you’ve got to play a little smart. While trying hard to be trendy, let not a great investment such as a bespoke suit lose its worth. If you mean business, let your clothes say that for you.