5 Distinctions Exclusive to Bespoke Shirts

Bespoke Shirts for Men

Although bespoke shirts, whether you get them from Los Angeles or elsewhere, cost more than off-the-rack and made-to-measure shirts, they are a hallmark of quality and workmanship. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that almost every fashion enthusiast prefers custom shirts over typical market offerings. The question is: what makes a bespoke shirt better? Though the answer is difficult to frame in words, as the difference can only be experienced; still, if we are to explain it, we’d say it’s acute attention to even the minutest detail that makes a true bespoke shirt. Through this blog post, we explore five such details. Let’s take a look.

1. Fabric

In the world of clothing, especially suits and shirts, the higher the yarn count, the better is the quality of the fabric. That’s a good-to-know information as those who go bespoke get to choose their own fabric – a freedom that allows them to get a shirt that complements their taste to perfection. The choice extends to everything from the color and pattern of the fabric, to its weight and texture.

2. Cuffs

If you’ve ever noticed, not every cuff of a bespoke shirt, or for that matter any shirt, is the same. When you order a bespoke shirt, you get to choose the cuffs you want on your shirt. So, whether you want single or French cuffs; the mafioso style or the aggressive full-inch exposed cuffs, the choice is always yours. In fact, you can also specify the length of the cuff you wish to show, when you wear a jacket over your bespoke shirt.

3. Collar

Collar, the most noticeable element of a shirt, plays a large role in framing your face. Similar to choosing the cuffs, you have complete control when it comes to choosing the collar of your bespoke shirt. Ideally, people with a broad or long face should choose long and narrow collars. If, however, you have a round face, it is advisable to go for pointed collars. Collars, with narrow lines, look good on people with a short stature.

4. Yoke

The yoke of any shirt is the part that connects the back and the front of the shirt together. Simply put, just like the padding in a suit, the yoke in a shirt supports its other parts. The major difference between an off-the-rack or an MTM and bespoke shirt is the number of yokes they have. Depending on your choice, a bespoke shirt may have anything between two to four yokes, which help create a shirt that naturally drops on your shoulder.

5. Shirt Body

It isn’t a surprise to see that most custom shirts, whether you get them from a tailoring store in Los Angeles or elsewhere, go for a minimum of seven buttons. The reason is; bespoke shirts are cut full in the body and designed to extend 8 to 9 inches below the top of the trousers. This type of fitting allows for more space for torso movement, and therefore, bespoke shirts are much more comfortable than off-the-rack options.

Final Words

Whether it’s the traditional style shirt that the debonair dreamer Cary Grant used to wear in his days, or a modern slim fit similar to the ones sported by Neal Caffrey on his TV show White Collar, going bespoke can get you that shirt you’ve always wanted. It is, however, crucial to choose a bespoke tailor who understands the precision and detailing that goes into crafting a realbespoke shirt. byDCLA, with a team of sartorial experts, can create the finest bespoke shirts and suits for all body types. In addition to extensive experience, our high-quality fabrics and impeccable workmanship make us one of the leading bespoke boutiques in Los Angeles.

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