4 Tips to Create Your Own Style Statement: Time to Separate from the Clutter

Fashion, like almost everything in life, has certain rules. The only difference is that you are not supposed to cross the line in most aspects of life, but can always tweak the canons when it comes to styling. The level of bend in fashion standards varies from person to person, and a limited conscience in clothing is preferable, as the fashion world is not cast in black and white. What matters is your attitude, as it plays a key role in defining your styling sensibilities. To help you create a distinct style statement, let us take a look at some handy tips.

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1. Consider Timeless over Trendy

Fashion is evolving at a great pace, and for many, being in vogue means following the trends, which is quite disparate from the true definition of being stylish. For most men and occasions, timeless clothing options, such as custom tailored suits, are always a safe bet. This, however, doesn’t imply that you are not allowed to explore beyond the norms. In fact, when it comes to bespoke suits, every element is truly “be spoken for”.

2. Quality Must be the Top Priority

People concerned about style care more about the products they chose, and worry less about the dollars they spend – trends may or may not influence them. This, however, does not imply you should splurge your money on some of the most expensive items you find in a store. Rather, invest in premium attires that are of great quality. For instance, a pair of custom-made Italian shoes, such as Zelli Shoes, or a bespoke suit made from Loro Piana fabric are lifelong investments.

3. Give Due Regard to Upkeep

Stylish men always price their wardrobe right. Practices such as storing your suit on a wooden hanger, using a quality brush to remove dirt and stains, and rotating it with another suit, are little actions that make a big difference to the overall lifespan of your clothing. In addition, while most people are way too busy or “mature” to do so, it is important to read the wash instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to ensure optimal lifespan of your clothing items.

4. Choose a Personal Design Expert

Those who aim to make a distinct style statement pay a lot of attention to their regalia and are always on a lookout for new and exciting ways to enhance their persona. Whether you are looking for custom tailored suits in Los Angeles or a pair of formal shoes, never compromise when it comes to the proficiency of the craftsmen working on your clothing. Remember, designer clothing may cost a little more compared to off-the-shelf products, but their impeccable craftsmanship and quality make them worth every cent of your investment.

Confidence is a by-product of various elements that include elegance and style. The fact that clothing holds the power and potential to influence your mindset and that of people who interact with, is not a new thing. It is for this reason why people with a solid sense of fashion are more confident than others.