3 Rules to Wearing a White Suit

Wearing a white suit is something that only a gentleman can pull off. The perfect amount of tailoring can make you look breathtakingly stylish and adding white to it just boosts the charm. A white suit, though seasonal and underused, gives a timeless appearance. White suits are stylish, smart and tough to master. This is where byDCLA (www.bydcla.com) comes into play. We have mastered the art of transforming a man’s appearance into the stature of “awesomeness” with our outstanding custom-tailored suits.

Here’s why most men don’t go for white suits:
White suits are so awesome that most men fear getting them wrong.
Now, what do you mean by getting it wrong?

Fashion blunders are frequent. If you treat your white suit as a work or business suit, then you are in for a fashion blunder. White is for summer. Don’t put one on unless the mercury is pushing the limit. It’s off-duty wear. Oh, just because John Travolta and Al Pacino didn’t have the knack to pull the style off in “Saturday Night Fever” and “Scarface” doesn’t mean that wearing a white suit is a sin.

Business Suit


Here are some tips to wearing a white suit, right:

Deciding when to wear it: You really shouldn’t be wearing a white suit in the winter. You’ll end up looking like an Eskimo in the desert! The rules say that unless you have the sun beating down on you, don’t even think of wearing a white suit!

Deciding where to wear it: Outdoor venues make the best of white suits. So if you have a summer wedding to attend, don the white suit. You’ll look awesome! Women can’t wear white to the wedding; men can. However, don’t make a mess out of yourself by wearing a white suit to the office.

It’s all in the fit: It’s an off-beat suit fellas! Whatever you do, don’t treat it like a business suit! Make sure that your white suit is a slim fit with two buttons and a nicely tailored waist and shoulders.

So guy’s, take out that splendid looking suit from your wardrobe! And also, make sure that when it’s white, you really get it right!