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Limited Edition

by Deepak Chhatwal

Experience the timeless design and fine craftsmanship of DCLA. Where tradition meets innovation and playful prints are fused together with luxurious fabrics to complete your personalized creation, uniquely tailored to you. We have your measurements. Simply order online and we will deliver a meticulously assembled garment personally to you.

From the moment you step inside our showroom for your first appointment, you will experience our unique Tailor Made service. I will guide you through the process of constructing a garment that is expertly tailored for you with the utmost attention to detail. Your immersion into the world of DCLA continues with the selection of details such as fabric, cut, lapel shape, shirt, collars, cuffs, that are to be woven into the character of your personalized suit. I will follow you during the entire process, proposing a range of high quality styles and options for you to choose from based on what is unique to you. “This season I was inspired by nature, color and bold design.” I hope you enjoy the collection.

Pre-Fall 2019 Collection

Look No. 01


Look No. 02

Look No. 02


Look No. 03

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Look No. 04


Look No. 05


Look No. 06

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Look No. 07


Look No. 08

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DCLA Celebration Collection

Look No. 09

Comes from our Dormeuil Celebration Collections: They are a blend of 62% Worsted Wool + 38% Silk with a focus on Silk Jacquards and fancy woven effects.


Tailor Made Limited Edition Collection Pieces

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How to Order

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Please select the pieces you are interested in and a Tailor will reach out to you shortly to confirm availavility. Please note these are limited edition pieces only available for purchase until August 31, 2019.


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